Monthly Archives: March 2020

Pandemic Journal – Entry Two

A boy was having his 4th birthday. Because he didn’t want anyone to get sick, his friends and family gave him a special party.

They all decorated their cars.

The fire department came and used the siren on their big engine.

The parade began!

Everyone drove past and waved to the birthday boy.

The police came by and wished him a happy birthday. 

Everyone sang. It was LOUD!!! But it was fun!

Pandemic Journal – Entry One

My actual journal is too jumbled and dystopic to share as is, but as a start, here’s a Nebula reading list, courtesy of Locus. I’m hard at work on getting through it before the March 31 voting deadline.

Among the Nebula nominees is one I’ve already I’ve already touted in this blog: Sarah Pinsker’s amazing debut novel, A Song for a New Day. Whoever expected her predictions to come true so soon?

If you’re as discombobulated as I am, you might enjoy some of the sidewalk chalk art I’ve encountered in recent walks. So here you go:

This one says” Be brave and fight the virouse” (sic)

And as an encouraging reminder-

I found a couple more, probably done by older chalk artists

I’ll save the doom and gloom for another day.

Take care of yourselves, precious humans.