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Three Fun Things

Fun Thing #1: Third Annual Bro Week

Bro came to visit right after Thanksgiving, as he is wont to do. We did tourist activities and saw many wonderful things. Bonus points if you can figure out where the following video came from:

Yes? No? How about this one?

Fun Thing #2: Voices From The Dark


I just found out the anthology that just came out from eleven Writing Journey authors (including me) is available for pre-order in a number of e-book formats.The print book is already available.

The e-books should be available February 1. It will be available for Kindle here.

This is supposed to be the iTunes link:

And this is the link for the Barnes and Noble Nook:

Fun Thing #3: Picks

Then, to cap off the month, we got an unexpected present. A small, mysterious padded envelope arrived from China addressed to BK and me. When we opened it, this is what it contained:


Picks! For the playing of guitars, ukuleles, and the like. It was a wonderful surprise. I have my suspicions regarding our benefactor(s) which I will check out by Christmas. In the meantime, if anyone wants to fess up in the comments section below, feel free!

Voices from the Dark


The original release date for the latest Writing Journey anthology (I have a story in it!) was going to be today. It actually came out a couple of days ago, but either way, it’s available! In time for the holidays! Woohoo!

Here’s a little information about our anthology, Voices from the Dark:

Within each of us lies a darkness. A deep, unnerving essence that lurks at the fringes of our consciousness.

Eleven members of the Writing Journey set out to explore the darkness that lies in all of us. The Writing Journey beckons you to experience their darkness.

You can order the print book directly from CreateSpace here or from Amazon here.

There should eventually be an e-book available as well. If you’re waiting for that to happen, please let me know (comments below would be great!) so I can poke and prod the powers-that-be to make it happen.

NaNoWriMo 2015


November, aka National Novel Writing Month, has come and gone. This time around, I was what they call a NaNo rebel. I’ve been meaning to work on short story writing for a while, and the stars just aligned this time around so that I wasn’t ready to work on a new novel. However, I could see outlining some stories and at least getting a start on them.

I called this effort #30Stories30Days, and will share more on how it went later. Most likely this sharing will come accompanied with begging for beta readers. If you’re willing to help me in this way, please comment (either below, on Facebook, G+,Twitter, or whichever way you find easiest) to let me know and we’ll figure out how to make it work.

Officially, I “won.” That is, I got my word count and then some. Final tally came in at 68,075.

Breaking Radio Silence

I’ve been hella busy the past month or so; here’s the first of a few blog posts to get me used to blogging again (and you all used to reading)

With a title like CB’s Mojo, you probably figured out that this blog is mostly about the stuff that makes me feel happy or inspired. In terms of world events, it’s been a tough month for that.

Cookie, Sis and I were in Paris for about 6 days at the end of September Here are a few pictures of the trip.

Palais de Justice
The band Presteej with tourist at Sacre Coeur
Musician at Sacre Coeur
Sis and Hélène (with Cookie as Napoleon) at Les Invalides

I may share more later, but these are the photos that especially spoke to me after November 13.