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Seattle and Anaheim

We’ve done WAY more traveling than usual this summer, and last week was one of our travel weeks. It was terrific fun for me, though BK was operating with a figurative Sword of Damocles  hanging over him for most of the week. More on that later.

Troll statue under a bridge

First we went to Seattle, spending Saturday afternoon/evening with our daughter Lori and son-in-law Danny. BK discovered the joys of Dusty Strings, a jaw-droppingly awesome music store. There were all manner of stringed instruments from luthiers like Taylor, Martin, Collings and many others. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of instruments just waited for someone to take them down off the wall and play them. There was a roomful of highly diverting small percussion instruments, too.

Sunday was eating day. We had a lovely brunch at the Hi-Life in Ballard. We met Billy and Cris for dinner. They’re Danny’s parents and Lori’s in-laws. Does that make them BK’s and my outlaws? We sampled both authentic and highly creative Chinese food at Chiang’s Gourmet. BK worked on a presentation he had to give on Thursday.

On Monday, we hung out in maybe the best game store I’ve ever been in. Card Kingdom was keen, though I admit to an especially soft spot for the attached Cafe Mox.  It was pricey, but so relaxing to be able to eat lunch there while learning how to play Red November . I believe Lori and Danny chose that game because of my predilection for gnomes, which I gained at Rock City during the Writing the Other Workshop this past June.

Seattle Gnome

Anyway, I’m sad to report that our group didn’t survive the game, but elated that we apparently lasted pretty long, at least in terms of Lori and Danny’s experience.

That night, BK worked on his presentation.

Tuesday, we had lunch with Lori and shopped for groceries. BK practiced his presentation several more times, including once for me and once for both Lori and me. What we did Tuesday night was a huge thrill for me, so I’m planning to go into it in detail in my next post. (Teaser!)

Laguna Beach

Wednesday we finally buckled down and got our keisters to Anaheim. The whole reason for this trip was for BK to present a paper at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Pressure Vessel & Piping Conference. He didn’t have to give the paper until Thursday, so on Wednesday we met an old friend, Matt, at Laguna Beach. Matt is brilliant at a number of things. One thing he can do is to create gorgeous wood puzzles. Here’s a dragon one he made for us a while back.

Matt’s dragon

Then on Thursday, after working on the presentation even more, BK finally gave his paper. He was brilliant, if I do say so myself. Speaking runs in his family; you can ask his brothers. Still, he seemed relieved once he finished.

Coming next time…what happened Tuesday night. It was really cool.