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Getting (Left) Handy

(Not Really Bro & Bride)

Bro and his lovely Bride are in Chicago this week. We plan to hang out together a lot. There are a few things they’d like to do while in town, but there’s only one fixed item on the agenda: we’re going to a Cubs-Cardinals game. Since Bro, Sis and I grew up (mostly) in the Chicago area, we are supposed to cheer for the Cubs. I think.

It’s complicated for a few reasons. First of all, Bro, Sis and I were born on the South side so there were many White Sox fans in the extended family. It is apparently the job of Sox fans to cheer for whatever team opposes the Cubs. Also, Bro and I both went to school in St. Louis, as did Bro’s Bride. So that’s another reason to cheer for the Cards. However, we did spend many of our formative years northwest of the city. So, re: cheering? I think I’ll see how I feel when we get there. A ballpark is not my natural habitat, which is all the more reason to go, observe, and take lots of notes, if my fingers will work. The high is supposed to be 48 degrees. What a great day for fun at Wrigley Field!

Anyway, we have other places to go and things to do, but Bro and I were deserted by Bride and Sis on Monday, both of whom had to work. The weather was iffy and we needed indoor fun.

I gave Bro a small list of things we could do indoors, and he was especially intrigued by the chance to go shoot arrows. There’s an archery pro shop and range about 20 minutes from my house, called Glisson Archery. I think Nicolas Cage learned how to shoot there, for the movie The Weather Man.

We settled on seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It turned out we wouldn’t have time to do shoot arrows and also go to the movie, so we’ll have to plan archery for another visit. But I have to admit, I was somewhat relieved not to shoot because the last time I went, I discovered that I’m not as strong as I hoped, and it didn’t take long for my left arm to tire. Since I did a lot of ukelele practicing on Sunday—okay, a lot for me—I wasn’t sure how much more stress the left arm would take. It’s noticeable weaker than the right. This is the opposite of Bro, who is left-handed.

So…my mind being what it is, I remembered something I heard about how using your non-dominant hand can enhance your brain power. It has to do with building new neural pathways. They’ve done a few studies on this; here’s just one of them.

When Bro and I do get to shoot arrows, I want to be ready. To accomplish this (and also to honor–or compete with–my left-handed Bro) I tried a few exercises to improve my left-hand dexterity.  I found them on the Livestrong site.