Needing to rest up after vacation…

BK and Lori…she looks happier than he does!

I’ll get back to doing writerly things soon, honest.

In the meantime, you’re invited to look at the album of snapshots I took when BK and I went to see Lori and Danny in Coral Gables. I strolled near the Coral Gables Waterway and on the University of Miami campus. We visited the Fruit and Spice Park in Homestead and had tiny berries that tasted like cotton candy.

We bought guayaberas, watched domino players, and ate at the world’s most famous Cuban restaurant in Little Havana…there was also fabulous ice cream at Azucar.

We lay on the beach on Key Biscayne on two different days, and got to see a wedding and some hermit crabs up close and personal.

Here is the photographic evidence. Well, some of it. The hermit crabs refused to be photographed.


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