How will you celebrate Super Pi Day?

Mmmmm…Grand Traverse Pie Co. berry crumble

It comes once a century: the date whose digits can be made to look like this: 3/14/15 (with extra credit if you celebrate the occasion at 9:26:53).

Ah. March 14, 2015. Albert Einstein’s birthday. A day awash in pi- (or pie-) related activities. I’m posting this early so you have time to plan.

You could sign up for a Pi K (actually 3.14 miles), like the ones they’re hosting at the Fleet Feet Stores in Chicago and Elmhurst, complete with games and pie afterwards. For the Fleet Feet runs, you must pre-register no later than 6 pm Friday, March 13, 2015.

You might bake a pie, like my talented sister, or Mary Robinette Kowal.

If you felt like a road trip, one could make the pilgrimage to Grand Traverse Pie Company.

I foolishly agreed to do some other things on and around Pi Day this year, so I will have to celebrate in my own quiet way. At 9:26:53, I will solitarily (unless I can enlist a co-runner) perform the 3.14 mile slog, thereby burning off (maybe?!) enough calories to partake of pie later.

I think they have a deal at Bakers Square locations for $2 off a whole pie on March 14, but that’s not helpful to me. I cannot eat a whole pie, even on Super Pi Day, and I certainly don’t need it sitting around my house taunting me for 3.14 days afterwards. Maybe I’ll stop into Baker’s Square anyway, just for a slice. Unless anyone in the western suburbs can recommend a better local pie.

How will you celebrate Super Pi Day?


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