Brandon Sanderson

Cookie and Brandon

Yesterday was one of those days when a blog post just wasn’t going to happen, but I have a good excuse! Cookie and I went to a Brandon Sanderson book signing at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville. Firefight, the second book in his Reckoners series just came out.

Here’s the copy he signed for me

For Catherine, Calzone stuffed with dynamite. That’s how he signed it, I kid you not. I have a feeling this signature was an arbitrary choice on his part, but in case it wasn’t, I’m choosing to take it as a compliment. Why? Because it’s just cryptic enough that I can!

In a future post I will share the invaluable writing advice he imparted to me. Consider that your teaser!

3 thoughts on “Brandon Sanderson

  1. Sparrow_hawk

    It was a lovely evening – chocolate, coffee and books!

    I had two books signed. Steelheart got “Sparks!” and Firefight got “Potato in a minefield.” I wasn’t sure how I felt about the second one, but upon reflection decided it was positive and could be used to describe a person who led a charmed life : “If anyone could walk into a minefield empty-handed and walk out the other side holding a potato, it’s Eileen.”

    Or perhaps as a description of foolhardiness (and a charmed life – I’m sticking with that one):
    “You want me to tell you about Eileen? Last week when it was her turn to forage, she went digging for potatoes in the minefield.” *pause* “And she came back with a sack full of ’em.”

    Yes, I over-analyze things.

  2. brennancm Post author

    Sparrowhawk- I found out later (from Brian who clued us into the event) that:
    “One of the hallmarks of the protagonist of the Reckoners series is his comically bad metaphors, which usually draws stunned and/or awkward silence from his compatriots. Potato in a minefield was a standout (out of many) that came out of Firefight.”
    So now we know, though I do enjoy your explanation a lot!


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