Eep! Submission scoreboard brain freeze

I absolutely can’t believe that the last time I updated my submissions scoreboard was in March. At that point, I had made 3 submissions to short story markets and had 0 acceptances and 2 rejections. At the time, I asserted this made me a winner, since the number of my submissions plus the number of my acceptances was greater than the number of rejections received. It’s long past time to see where I stand. If I can even find the documentation (roots around in old cardboard boxes).

Okay, found it. I have made a total of six submissions. Pitiful. I have a total of zero acceptances and six rejections, putting me and the publishing universe in a dead heat. Time to pull out one last-ditch effort, to end 2014 as a winner!

I’m confessing all this because I hate to admit fault in public. It’s one reason NaNoWriMo works for me. If I say I’m going to write 50,000 words in the month of November, I hate for people to find out I didn’t.

Since I fully intended to end this year so that my submissions + acceptances > my rejections, I have fallen down on the job. Shame is a strong motivator for me, is all I’m saying. So if I haven’t at least made one more submission by midnight December 31, 2014, you have my permission to catcall, heckle, jeer, and otherwise humiliate me as a big loser. Since I have three unplaced stories to submit, I might make as many as three submissions.

I will keep you posted.

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