More on the Million Word Party

July 1, 2014

My latest streak on 750 – 595 days
Total writing days – 1024
Total word count – 989,119

I’ve written other words, but that verifiable word count puts me within 10,881 words of the million words Ray Bradbury says you need for mastery. I’ve written about this before. I’m not saying mastery will magically appear on the day I’ve achieved that goal. I think the million words may well be a minimum requirement. Still, it feels like an accomplishment.

If I can manage to write an average of 800 words a day going forward, I can celebrate having written a million words in about 14 days. As of this writing, that makes it July 15th, or thereabouts. I’m going out on a limb to say the party is on. August 2, 2014: be there!


I’ve already started an evite. If you didn’t receive a link to it, here’s the short reason*: I either don’t have your email address or I’ve got it wrong. If you want to attend, please let me know by leaving a comment below, or messaging me via email, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+  to let me know. I’ll make sure you receive all the relevant information.

Seriously, I’d love to see you there.

* The answer may be more complicated, like you live thousands of miles away and I don’t think you’ll come. If I’m wrong (and you would indeed like to come) please let me know!


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