Tour de Farms – June 21 & 22, 2014

My Bike MS event packet

I’m too excited and preoccupied to write about anything else, so today’s post is about Tour de Farms, a Bike MS event in Dekalb, Illinois. Cookie and I are leaving this afternoon to ride in it.

A number of people have contributed to the National MS Society and to sponsor my ride. Many, many thanks to: Lorie & Steve, Bart, Kurt, Cousin Steve, Mickey & Janet, Katherine, Tom, Praful, Sara, and Quentin & Family for your generous donations this year.

If anyone still wishes to donate to the National MS Society, you can do it at any time by searching on National MS Society. On behalf of BK, as well as other friends we know with MS—and people we don’t know—I really appreciate it. If you want your donation to count towards the Bike MS 2014 total, you can donate (by July 31, 2014) to anyone on our team, the Power Pedallers, at this link, or to sponsor my ride directly at this link.

Finally, if you’ve ever wanted to do something like this, I can unreservedly recommend the Bike MS Tour de Farms event for your future planning. The atmosphere is great, the people are wonderful, and you have many ride choice lengths, from 15 to 125 miles. Maybe Cookie and I will see you next year!


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