Chicago Botanic Garden – Indoors and Out


Chicago Botanic Garden is breathtaking on a nice day, but still quite lovely even if you’re dodging raindrops and trying to keep warm.

Yet again (4 days in – on Thursday), chilly and rainy weather kept us indoors during Bro’s week of fun. We all went to Walker Brothers and then Bro, Sis and I went to the Chicago Botanic Garden. We timed our walking about so that we didn’t have to dodge too many raindrops. Here are a few of the things we saw outdoors:

Planter Highlights – and Phun with Photoshop


The ranunculus were ridonculous

On our way to the indoor greenhouses, we spotted the bonsai exhibit. I’ve never really seen much bonsai up close and personal. It is thoroughly amazing. I swear there was a tree in that exhibit that was 40 years old, but don’t quote me. If it takes 40 years to create great bonsai, I won’t live long enough to take bonsai up as a hobby. I’ll just have to content myself with marveling at other people’s results. I could have spent the whole visit just looking at bonsai, but it started to rain again and I didn’t want to melt.

Fabulous, right?


The conservatories were our next stop. We visited three areas:

1 – Tropical


2 – Desert


3 – Semitropical


I also loved the blue poppies in one of their indoor planters


While we were at the Garden, I downloaded their GardenGuide app and was amazed at all the events they had scheduled. I wanted to do it all, but we should have planned ahead if we wanted to make that happen.

We definitely need to get back there on a nice day. The Japanese and English gardens (among many others) beckon!

Oh – thanks to my brilliant and beautiful sister for the lovely photos.


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