Hunting Shadows Review

Once again Medusa’s Library shares an intriguing author (in this case, author team) to check out!

Medusa's Library

shadowsCharles Todd is one of my favorite authors right now.  (Yes, I know it’s actually a mother/son writing team, but that’s complicated to explain, so I’m just going with author.)  He writes in the circa WWI period that I’m so dreadfully fond of.  The Bess Crawford series is set during the war.  Bess is a nurse and the first book opens with the sinking of the Britannic, so the series isn’t pulling any punches.  For all that, it’s actually the more hopeful of the two series.  Bess is strong, young, and, despite the horrors she witnesses, she still has faith in justice and human decency.  Beth solves crimes because she can and because she cannot abide for them to go unsolved.

Ian Rutledge, on the other hand, is a Scotland Yard detective in the 1920’s.  He was an officer during the war and has returned home with a…

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