What I won from Medusa’s Library

No such thing as too many books

I took a wonderful writing workshop online from Mary Robinette Kowal a while back. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I haven’t said much about my fellow workshoppers. One of them publishes a blog I really enjoy, called Medusa’s Library. I’ve learned a lot about many books I’d like to read, including the ones about Phryne Fisher. I read this post and went, “How have I never heard of these books? Library trip!”

I’ve also been reminded about authors I’ve enjoyed in the past, like Naomi Novik. I only read the first few books in her Temeraire series, so I have the opportunity to catch up by reading Tongues of Serpents and Crucible of Gold.

The first Temeraire novel

Anyway, on the sixth day of (retail) Christmas (not to be confused with the religious 12 days of Christmas), I won a book! It’s by the fabulous writer, Seanan McGuire.

The book I won

I think there are a few giveaways still going on, so check out Medusa’s Library and see if you can get lucky, *she said, bossily*. Even if you don’t, or you read this after the giveaways are finished, the blog itself is an treasure trove of book-related knowledge.

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