CB & Bro – Days of Fun!


Chicago Skyline, viewed from outside Adler Planetarium

So my brother came to visit just after Thanksgiving. Here are some things we learned:

The Monday after Thanksgiving is an excellent day to go to museums in Chicago, especially if you get there early. You might be the only ones there

The Chicago Pass is a great deal if you’re planning to hit a lot of museums/tall buildings. Not only do you save admission fees, but you get into some of the most popular extra exhibits at no additional cost. You may get to skip some lines, too.

If you go to Pizano’s Pizza in the loop, see if you can sit in the Chach’s section. This is not for you if you just want to eat and get out. However, if you want to experience a server who’s perfected this whole Chicago schtick, the Chach is your man.

Shedd Aquarium is nice and warm on a cold day, but it smells like fish.


On the other hand, the fish are beautiful

You can also get up close and personal with a sturgeon.


Me, petting a sturgeon

So, only about a week behind posting approximately 1 percent of my vacation pictures. Bro took them, but he shared, so now you get to see them. And since I’m kind, you probably won’t see many more, unless they’re particularly appropriate to some point I’m making.


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