Homemade Holiday Music – It Takes a Village


This isn’t really DUUC

Yesterday was the big holiday music service at  DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church, aka DUUC.

The service was swell. Our budding musicians, The YUUth Ensemble, ably carried the “Children are our Future” torch.  The more seasoned instrumentalists – Karen on violin, Julie on flute, and Bonnie on piano – were all transcendent. In all, it was a great first holiday music service in the new sanctuary, which was dedicated earlier this year.

Everyone got to sing “Winter Wonderland”, “Good King Wenceslas”, and “In the Bleak Midwinter”. I really liked our choir’s songs, which included “A Hanukkah Remembrance” by Victor C. Johnson,  “The Shivering Chorus” (Dryden/Purcell) and an arrangement of “Jingle Bells” by Ray Charles.

I don’t have any audio or video of our songs. If any become available later, I’ll post them. Unless we’re not as fabulous as I thought we were, which seems unlikely. But here are links to my two favorite pieces:

The Lamb  by John Tavener, sung by the choir of King’s College, Cambridge

Joy Shall Be Yours in the Morning  (Grahame/Stroope). This is sung by College Singers, but I can’t figure out who/where they are: if anyone knows, please leave a comment below!

Though they’re sung by other choirs, these will give you an idea why I loved them so much!


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