The Eye of the Hurricane


After NaNoWriMo 2013 and Mary Robinette Kowal’s Short Story Intensive, and Thanksgiving and all the other stuff that got rolled together towards the end of November, I’m exhausted! The wacky fun that is 2013 is not over yet. On the other hand. I’m using this week to refill the well.

This week my brother is visiting from out of town and we’re going to all the museums he hasn’t seen in 30 years and that I don’t get to as often as I’d like, despite living close enough to soak up culture on a regular basis. Okay, maybe a semi-regular basis.

Plans include: Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, the Field, Science and Industry, Art Institute. And other fun surprises.

We are having a swell time, but what I’m noticing is that in addition to well-refilling, I maybe need to rest. I haven’t exactly been getting 8 hours of sleep for, oh, the last few months. Does anyone do that? I really would like a chance to just flop down and do nothing one day. Bro is here through Thursday. All I have on Friday is Cat Rambo’s Online Presence for Writers Workshop. Maybe I’ll attend that in pj’s and no makeup. I can wear a mask or something. You’re welcome, other attendees.

And then on to all the Christmas craziness.


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