Writing Blessings of Thanksgiving 2013


It’s been quite a year. I’ve received many blessings from family and friends. You know who you are, and there will be hugs and pie later.

What’s foremost in my mind right now is how many writing blessings (is that a thing?) have come to me lately.


Did I mention I “won”?

My first writing blessing has to be National Novel Writing Month. Long ago in a galaxy far away, I used to write a lot. Then life, and a personal confidence crisis intervened. Some time after that, I learned about National Novel Writing Month from my friend Cheryl. Participating in 2010 helped my regain my mojo. Now I have a whole blog about it—the mojo, that is. You happen to be reading it. I suspect mojo hangs around longer when you celebrate it. It’s kind of like a muse that way.

Writing Blessing Two – The Writing Journey, an all-year writing group which grew out of the local Naperville region of National Novel Writing Month. These were the first people who helped me realize that you don’t have to figure out the writing stuff all by yourself. If I tried to name everyone in the group who’s helped me, we’d be here all day. All the same, special thanks should go to NewMexicoKid, KatherineWriting and Whitey.


Cat Rambo

Blessing 3 – Cat Rambo, who allowed me to read a beta version of her new book Career Building for Writers: Building an Online Presence. The Kindle version is now available on Amazon with a print version to follow soon. I’m taking her class on the topic in December, and I suspect there are more online classes with Cat in my future.


MRK image © 2012 Rod Searcey

Blessing 4 – Mary Robinette Kowal, who taught a positively kick-ass online workshop last weekend, called Short Story Intensive. She’s taught the subject both as a weekly offering and as a weekend workshop. I had no clue how I’d handle something like that in November (see National Novel Writing Month, above) but: wow. She managed to be exacting, informative, and nurturing all at the same time. I feel as if I gained both skill and confidence fast, fast, fast! The workshop was over too soon. To keep me from going into a decline, BK (my husband, if I haven’t identified him before) offered one of Mary’s workshops, Writing the Other, as a Christmas present. I snapped it up, and will be in Chattanooga next June. As NewMexicoKid would say, huzzah!

Blessing 5 – My talented fellow workshoppers, who also helped make the weekend great. Mary said we were a good group and should keep in touch, and we’re planning to do so. Coming soon: blog posts about their forthcoming published works and other triumphs.

There’s always more to be thankful for than I can remember, but you’re in a hurry, and I’m not that smart.*

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

*I totally stole the tagline from the Writing Excuses podcast series.



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