I Feel So Validated!

It’s been a hella crazy couple of weeks. Mostly in a good way. Among the good news: I’ve validated my novel. All this means, of course, is that I’ve written enough words (50,000+) to officially “win” National Novel Writing Month. Woo-hoo!  *tosses streamers and confetti*


Virtual Swag

The caveat: I put some stuff in my novel that doesn’t, strictly speaking, belong there.

This past weekend I took an online workshop with Mary Robinette Kowal. It was spectacular. I wrote a ton, learned a ton, and got about half as much sleep as I might have liked. More later. The workshop deserves a post all its own–maybe more than one.

Anyway, many of the 6000+ words I wrote  this past weekend got copied into my NaNoWriMo project. It’s okay. Mary Robinette Kowal said I could do that, and she’s a real author. Only some of these words have anything to do with my novel, but since I knew the workshop was happening this month, I decided before the month even started that I was one of those NaNo rebels who was going to write what I pleased and damn the “rules.” So this year, for me they were more, um… “guidelines.”

They’re more guidelines than actual “rules”

So good luck to my fellow NaNoWriMos, and congratulations to others who have already “won.” But I have to say (to crib from the inimitable Chuck Wendig) writing a novel isn’t a game of Monopoly. If you don’t finish it this month, it’s not going anywhere. You can win any time you want to.


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