More NaNoWriMo Write-ins


Still writing

One can have the best intentions in the world, but sometimes stuff happens. Case in point: this blog. When I started, I was going to be fierce about posting twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. No matter what. Then NaNoWriMo happened. I’m doing okay with my novel. I’ve accumulated over 30,000 words, which means I’m on track to finish. But blogging is starting to slide a bit.

I did post on Monday this week. Woo-hoo!

As I write this, it is Friday. That’s a day later than Thursday, for those of you who are keeping score. If I manage to post this today, I’ll only be a day late. That’s something, right?

Here are the exciting NaNoWriMo write-ins and other events I’m attending this weekend.


The prop of the inebriated writer

Friday night in Lemont, I’m attempting something I’ve never tried before–collecting my DWW (Drinking While Writing) badge. Miranda, one of the newer people in our NaNo region (or maybe just new to me) has set up a write-in at a bar/club/lounge kind of place, called Orange 13. Not so sure about this idea. There’s a proud tradition of DWW among famous writers, but then, those writers don’t/didn’t always end up so well. I was iffy about the whole idea, until I talked to my daughter. We started tallying up all the Irish writers who allegedly drank like fish, and she was all, like, “You’ve got to try it, Mom. Honor your heritage!” I’m not exactly Irish. More like, one-half Irish-American. I guess I’m honoring half my heritage.

Miranda may also hold another Friday night write-in at on the last Friday of the month, so if you’ve always wanted a DWW, that could be your chance to see if it works for you. (DISCLAIMER: if you shouldn’t be drinking for whatever reason, then please DON’T try to see if it words for you.)

And as noted before, I’m hosting another write-in at the Woodridge Public Library Saturday November 16, from 1:30-4:30. There will be cookies, prizes and hats.


Check it out…cookies!

Come and write with us, if you’re so inclined. We’re meeting up for dinner afterwards, too, but if you haven’t already RSVP’d for that, it may be too late to join us. We had to make reservations, because it’s a good sized group. If you want to join us (and in case it isn’t too late), try nano-mailing me (Cee-Bee) on the NaNoWriMo web site, and I’ll see what I can do. Or show up at the Woodridge write-in and bug me about it there.


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