Shakespeare Fangirl

Honestly, I’m not all about Shakespeare. I have a couple of Shakespeare-related posts coming up, but I’m interested in a lot of other things, too.

That said, I just gotta squee about The Hollow Crown series that just finished up on PBS. This is a cycle of four of Shakespeare’s histories: Richard II, Henry IV pts. 1 & 2, and Henry V. The actors carry over from one production to the next, so there’s an excellent continuity about the whole viewing experience.

The series is done airing where I live, but you can still watch full episodes on the PBS site. I missed Richard II and Henry IV pt. 2, so I look forward to catching up on those!


3 thoughts on “Shakespeare Fangirl

  1. J. T. Frazier

    Yes, there is good continuity but also a good setup of character – seeing Hiddleston in IV really sets the stage for V. Richard II gives the backstory why IV reflects on how he got to the throne. Worth catching up.

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